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About Us

A NEW ERA is pushing the boundaries with new innovative CCTV technology coming A/W 2019

At ANE we have invested our expertise in security cameras and recorder over 25 years. We have knowledge and passion to research and develop cutting-edge, advanced technologies that are truly changing the landscape of personal and corporate security. We believe in form as well as function blending stylish compact technology with constant innovation, such as our new 4k UHD NVRs, 2 and 4 megapixel lowlight bullet and dome cameras with H.265 encoding. A NEW ERA CCTV systems are designed to fit seamlessly into your environment. Our products not only look good, they perform to the highest standards of capture and security.

Here at ANE we constantly innovating, pushing the boundaries of security technology and challenging the expected, both with our CCTV products and our professional service. Relationships are important to us. We work closely with our clients to meet their Closed Circuit Television needs. We work with world leading manufacturing companies to bring our innovative ideas to life and our premium products to you.

A NEW ERA CCTV products are only available through our approved partners of installers and suppliers. To become a certified ANE partner contact 0191 5678085.

ANE is the product of forward thinking imagination. We recognise the need for CCTV to be more innovative, more compact, more professional and more stylish. Form and Function is the aim of the ANE brand. ANE means A New Era, and ANE’s aims are just that: to revolutionise CCTV technology worldwide.

Core ANE products include IP and AHD cameras and the Digital Video Recorders that record and power these CCTV camera units.


AHD Technology

AHD CCTV is an analogue high definition closed-circuit television video surveillance standard that uses coax cable to transmit HD video from security cameras to Digital Video Recorders.

AHD is particularly useful for those who want to upgrade analogue systems without the need for rewiring and upgrading to a full megapixel cameras on the same cable system.

The upgrade to AHD from old analogue systems is a cost effective upgrade from Coax cabling analogue systems to transmit megapixel HD images.

AHD is newly developed solution for transmitting full High Definition (HD) Digital video in a surveillance system. The core concept of AHD is to deliver high definition digital video using Digital TV (DTV) Transmission.

A New Era  AHD products include ANE-DM19HD10-O AHD Dome Camera    ANE-DR704/708/716HD-S1 HD Hybrid DVR    ANE-BD19HD10-O Compact Bullet Camera


IP Cameras

IP cameras or internet protocol cameras are a digital video camera for surveillance. Unlike analog CCTV, IP cameras send and receive via computer Networks and the Internet.

IP cameras are online hosted video solutions. IP cameras are wired with the future proof Cat 5/6 cable. In the past IP cameras were complicated. Our innovative IP cameras feature a simple 10 click set-up. You can set-up Full HD, 2 and 4 mega pixel starlight ultra-lowlight super WDR cameras online in 10 clicks. With no need for in house technicians for installation or maintenance.

Our modern IP camera technology feature a user-friendly and simple instillation process.

A New Era’s IP camera range include  ANE-DM18IP13/30-P Compact Dome Camera   ANE-DM19IP13/30-P Network Dome Camera    NE-BD76IP13/30/50-PMA Network Bullet Camera


HD Technology

Upgrade your old analogue camera system to full HD megapixel technology.

All ANE cameras record footage at a minimum of 1 megapixel HD 720p. We also offer cameras that produce detailed, greater than HD, up to 5 megapixel resolution images in almost absolute darkness.

Our HD cameras range includes:
ANE-BD19HD10-O Compact Bullet Camera   ANE-DM19HD10-O AHD Dome Camera    ANE-DR704/708/716HD-S1 HD Hybrid DVR

Our range includes: ANE-DM18IP13/30-P Compact Dome Camera    ANE-DM19IP13/30-P Network Dome Camera
ANE-NR708Z-8S2/16/32Z-S2 Network Video Recorder   ANE-NR704/08/16N-S2 Compact Network Video Recorder   ANE-BD76IP13/30/50-PMA Network Bullet Camera


A New Era is based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and Sunderland Tyne and Wear. ANE provides innovative security products across the Northeast England and keeps our same personal and professional values with our provision of security services to National, International and World Wide cliental.

ANE Provides IP and AHD camera solutions.

Form and Function is central to ANE’s innovative designs. ANE strives to ensure your safety and security without the need to compromise aesthetically.